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March 03 2011



I understand about learning for passion rather than just for grades. I often experience this phenomenon when I see an article as I'm surfing the Web. I'll read it and look up additional information if I'm interested, even if it has nothing to do with any of my other obligations.

It's harder to think of a time that I really enjoyed learning in the classroom. Let's face it, high school is just a means to an end; it's a stepping stone to something bigger. Every student is always in charge of his or her learning. How hard we work in school, how much we take charge of our learning experience, depends on our goals in life. Those students who want to be doctors and lawyers have to work very hard; those who have no dreams tend to slack off. We never learn in school purely for the enjoyment of learning but for the promise of enjoyment that will come later when we attend a university and enter a fulfilling occupation. We inspire ourselves, and we make our learning experience into whatever it is, be it positive or negative.

— —Andrea Vander Heyden, grade 12, Oakville, Ontari0

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